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10-Day 11.11.11 Campaign Nets $7754 for for the Children of Operation Smile!


Thanks to all of those donors who responded to PPA Charities’ 10-day campaign to celebrate 11-11-11 by donating to support Operation Smile. This special date, which occurred on Veteran’s Day this year, will not happen again for another 100 years. PPA members and vendors responded by donating various amounts, most using a 11-11-11 denomination. Of the 88 individuals and businesses that participated, three donors gave $1,111.11; thirty others contributed $111.11; and the remaining donations came in as lesser amounts — most of them as $11.11 contributions or multiples of that amount. Some donations were made to honor veterans while others recognized loved ones, friends or businesses. “To all who donated,” said PPA Charities President Mary Fisk-Taylor, “you helped to prove how much photographers care for others. We thank you for your generosity.” The following individuals and businesses supported the 11.11.11 campaign:

Anita – honoring John E. Sime
Irene Abdou
Sue Altman
Jessica Arnest
Dee Barnes – honoring Cindy Romaguera
Holly Baumann
Robert Behm
Bert Behnke – honoring Kim Robel
Bert Behnke
Anthony Bridges
Angela Carson
Rose Mary Cheek
Janet Ciummei
Lori Craft
HoneyDeLapa – honoring Wayne
Amy Delph – honoring Mary Grace Delph
Don Dickson
Linda Durham
Ann Dyer
Kathleen Dylan
Todd Ellis – honoring Angela Weedon Photography
Robert Faust
Mary Fisk-Taylor
Virginia Freire
Sharon Gaietto
Tony Gallegly
Danielle George – honoring BWC
Rick Gibbons
Harvey Goldstein
Colleen Gonsar
Susan Goralski
Tammy Griffin
Bonnie Hamilton
Jane Hankins
Donna Johnson
Karen Jonas
Bruce Kirby
Melinda Kolker – honoring Harold T. Rose
Lori Konshuk
Hetty Joy Kramer
Ann Landry
Larry Leone
Bod Lloyd
Heather Lussier
The Marathon Family
Marie Martineau
Richard McGee
Suzi McGehee
Randy McNeilly
Alison Miniter
Daniel Mitchell
Ann Monteith – honoring M/Gen. Bruce E. Kendall
Carol Nichols
K. Norwood
Lisa Pacelli
Doug Peninger
Jeffrey Phillips
Pamela Reiss
Pete Rezac
Cindy Romaguera
Karen Rubin
Frank Salas
Lauren Sanderson
Jordan Scheiner
Michelle Shackelford
Millie Shaw
Christy Smith
David Smith
Karen Sturgeon
Tina Timmons
Michael Timmons
Jesse Valley
John Warters
Laurie Weaver
Christopher Whipple
Connie White
Kathy Wierda
Helen Yancy
Carey Zarate
Atticus 13 – honoring Jed & Vicki Taufer
Real Life Events
Johnston Photography
Hanna Skye Photography
Photographs by Laraine
TAG Enterprises Jim Gibbs
Sorrells Signature Portraits
Jewel Arts

Kids Contest Raises Funds for Operation Smile

When Meggan Harper and Savannah Kaszas of Meggan Harper Photography donated to become Operation Smile Studio supporters, they immediately conducted their first fund-raising event! They sold 20 mini-sessions and a complimentary 5×7 for $25, with the fee going to support Operation Smile. As you can see from their promotional materials shown below, they conducted the contest via Facebook in cooperation with a local parent publication, which is featuring the winning Facebook vote-getter on the October cover.



And the winner was . . . Rainey . . .

. . . and all the parents who got such charming portraits of their children, and, of course, the children of Operation Smile who will benefit from the $500 donation made possible by Meggan Harper Photography!


Partnering to Promote Family Portrait Month

Chicago-area photographers John Burdick and Jeff Lee created these eye-catching 5.5 x 8.5 PressPrint cards to serve as display handouts at dentist’s offices. Card copy explains the studio’s offer to donate half of its $99 session fee to benefit Operation Smile.
burdick-a028_ burdick-b029_

burdick_display_photo.1Burdick & Lee also created this table-top display for the cards so that they could attract attention but not take up too much space on dental office counters. The top part of the display consists of an 8×10 mounted on foam core and then mounted to a magazine display holder from Office Depot. According to John, they will consider mailing a similar card to theor client list as well for next year’s promotion.

Cindy Crofford Saves Smiles in October.

Dallas photographer Cindy Crofford used the two 6×9 direct mail marketing cards shown below to help attract family clients during October, offering to donate half of the studio’s session fee to Operation Smile. To further call attention to Operation Smile as the beneficiary of the promotion, Cindy cleverly used two appealing quotes about the value of smiles. Thanks, Cindy!
crofford-2a026_crofford-2b027_crofford-1a024_ crofford-1b025_

Florida PPA Supports PPACH Activities



Thanks to the leadership of the Florida Professional Photographers Association, who generously provided booth space for PPACharities at their August convention in Orlando. Thanks also to PPA Charities Trustee Britney Fullgraf, who organized the booth and to her son, Simon, shown above, who manned it while mom was attending meetings. If your affiliate wishes to help PPA Charities fund-raising efforts, please contact Bert Behnke, Executive Director, PPA Charities at (708) 267-0657 or