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Countdown Begins for “Celebration of Smiles” April 21, 2012 Campaign

bannerOver 250 studios have registered for PPA’s new Charitable Promotion, and the 1st Countdown Email has gone out. You can see the participating studios listed on the consumer website, and there is still time to sign up!

As studios are starting to get into high gear, they are asking questions and sharing ideas on the promotion’s Facebook page. Here’s a great example of an idea generated there: Idaho photographer Cindy Sherman asked to use the Celebration of Smiles eNewsletter header as a Facebook banner, and Marathon’s design department responded by creating and donating a template, so that participating studios can insert their own images. Here’s how Cindy’s Facebook page looks:


The template is designed so that you can even edit text: Change the date if you intend to offer the promotion on a day other than April 21. In the banner shown below, you can see how the text was altered by Persnickety Pet Portraits to reflect the focus of their promotion.

If you are a registered Celebrations of Smiles 2012 participant, you are licensed to download the Facebook banner template by clicking here.